Think About A Coach!

I would like to encourage you to think about a coach! You may have noticed in the last several years that “coaching” is getting more popular. If you surf the internet you have probably noticed some form of this profession. The demand for this service continues to grow as people learn more about this valuable resource. There are many different types of coaches serving many different specialties, niches, and needs. Coaches provide their clients with feedback, insights, and guidance from an outside viewpoint. Coaching is an on-going partnership built on taking action. I like this aspect of coaching because it is action-oriented, forward-looking, and does not dwell on the past. Coaching is more about where a person is right now and where they would like to be.

People tend to employ coaches when making career changes, feeling dissatisfied, evaluating life choices, or looking for some kind of breakthrough in life.  Coaches assist their clients to define their dreams, recognize what’s holding them back, and move in a positive direction with greater clarity and momentum. One important aspect that I feel is valuable is for the coach to support clients in discovering and implementing their own solutions.  Good coaches are trained to listen, observe, and adapt their approach to meet individual client needs. One of their main jobs is to transform losing experiences into learning experiences. If you lose and you are playing alone, often you feel like a loser. If you lose and you have a coach, you become a fast learner.

All kinds of people are now learning that they can get faster and better results with their goals and dreams with this kind of service. With coaching, people know that they will accomplish more than they would accomplish on their own and receive the support and guidance to achieve phenomenal results. A good coach can unleash your power and potential. Think about what a good coach could do for you! I like this quote from Ernest Holmes-”Prepare your mind with the best life has to offer.”

Meditation Has Benefits?

Living in a state of anxiety can have many negative effects on our health and wellness. I know that the mind is either the source of happiness or suffering. The mind has a capacity for creating health or illness. Meditation helps me to gain more clarity and insight into the nature of my own mind. As I calm my mind, my mind finds its own natural state of peace and wellness. In this state of calmness and expansion there resides clarity, wisdom, and compassion. Everything we need to develop an abundant life is already within us. Learning to still the mind has wonderful benefits and rewards. Get to know the real inner you! Do you take time daily for meditation? I have included two resources below to expand your awareness of the benefits of meditation. Enjoy and Be Well:

Meditation Is a Pleasant Experience |

After gaining some experience, you will start to like meditation. It will turn into a pleasant experience.

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Meditation: Ancient Practice with 21st Century Application

Toward a state of mindfulness, meditation is a main thoroughfare By Dan Mager, MSW…

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Freedom From Bondage: A Journey From Addiction Through Art

Many years ago, as a younger man, I began a journey into the darkness of drug addiction. Addiction took me to a very dark and lonely place. I have written a book about some important concepts that I learned along the way. I learned that these important concepts were keys to understanding myself and this world. I give an account of my journey inward (learning to know and love myself) and upward (learning to know and love God.) The book is:  Freedom From Bondage: A Journey From Addiction Through Art

Freedom from Bondage provides art to enhance your journey with me. Watch me transform ignorance into wisdom, denial into acceptance, and fear into love! The book provides an easy-to-read collection of short meditations for insight and inspiration. It also incorporates quotes and questions for reflection. You can refer to the book throughout your day to help you along your journey.

Freedom from Bondage captures a real life experience of addiction and recovery through art and word. It gives a personal and professional perspective on the subject of addiction and recovery. It is meant to be enjoyed by anyone. Freedom From Bondage appeals to a diverse audience. It can be very helpful to those in active addiction or to those in recovery from any sort of bondage or problem. Freedom from Bondage can be enjoyed and appreciated by art lovers and can be helpful for anyone looking for inspiration and personal development. It also has immense therapeutic value and can be a powerful tool in the hands of therapists, educators, and health professionals. This book can be a good read for all people who enjoy a wonderful story of transformation.